Helpful Therapy Sessions for Clients in Belfast

No matter your goals or aspirations, what you want to work on, or the therapy model we use, every therapy session I offer is underpinned by the core principles of empathy, compassion, sensitivity, collaboration, and trust. Offering free consultations, I work with clients in Belfast and beyond, offering behavioural therapy that works. Finding the right therapist is vital for your recovery and this initial conversation is a great way to gauge whether we’re compatible. Contact me today to find out more about this initial 30-minute session.

Assessment sessions

Therapy begins with an assessment of your current difficulties, how they affect you, and what your goals are for therapy. We’ll also explore any parts of your history that might be relevant to the current problems and what keeps the unhelpful cycles going in the present.

Treatment sessions

After the assessment and after we’ve agreed your goals for therapy, we can begin treatment sessions. Throughout the therapy sessions, which typically last between 50 and 60 minutes, we will work together to help you understand your difficulties, what keeps them going, and, most importantly, the skills and techniques you need to challenge these cycles and move beyond them.

Session fees

  • 30-Minute Consultation by Phone or Skype | Free

  • Assessment or Treatment Session (60 Minutes) | £65

  • Cancellation Less Than a Full Day before the Session | £30

Considering a therapy session?

Learn more about my behavioural therapy sessions and discover how they help.