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Are therapy sessions confidential?

What you say stays between us unless there is significant risk of harm to yourself or someone else, or if you disclose details of a serious crime not yet known to the police. In these instances I have a legal and ethical obligation to contact relevant authorities, but will endeavour to discuss this with you, whenever possible, before taking this step.

how long will i need therapy for?

This depends on several factors, including how long the difficulties have been present for and what your goals are for therapy. Each person’s needs are individual and we can discuss how many sessions you may need or would like following a full assessment. However, I work with you to choose the most effective skills for you to reach your goals as quickly as possible.

how often will i need to come to therapy?

For the best results, I usually recommend weekly attendance in the beginning, or fortnightly as a minimum. This is so we can build momentum in your therapeutic progress. As you gain confidence in using therapy skills independently, we can then reduce the frequency of your sessions. When you are ready to finish therapy, we can also schedule booster sessions. These occasional top ups are for you to check in, get refreshers on skills, and keep building your progress beyond our work together.

I've been this way for so long; can therapy help me?

Many people worry that having had difficulties for a long time means they are ‘beyond hope’. Whilst long-term mental ill health will usually require longer therapy than a problem that has only been present for six months, improvement can be achieved. With my experience in cognitive behavioural therapy, compassion-focused therapy and sensorimotor psychotherapy, we can work together to select the most effective approach (and integration of approaches) for resolving your difficulties.

Do You Offer Weekend or Evening Sessions?

I offer sessions during the day and evening, as well as having limited availability on weekends. You are welcome to contact me to enquire about my current availability.

I live outside of Belfast; can i still attend?

Yes; I offer face-to-face sessions based in Belfast as well as Skype sessions for people who live further afield or cannot come to the office.

GOT further questions?

If you’ve got questions to ask about my work as a therapist, please get in touch!